Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review.

I wish I could tell you that I had a wonderful year packed with fun and excitement, but that's simply untrue. This year, 2009, was probably the crappiest year I've had in a long time. I'm not one to go around slapping an adjective on an entire year - especially a negative one - but when I sit here and try to look back on it, everything blurs together.

This year I suffered immensely from digestive problems that started in January and have not let up since. It's caused me anxiety and overall has made my life pretty suckish. On top of that, my last semester at college was not the way it should have been. Half of my friends graduated early and my friends in my major were in none of my classes, so I basically isolated myself and only spent time with The Boy. And on top of all that, I was dealing with a rift in the friendship between me and my younger cousin.

February was nice because it was the first Valentine's Day I got to have with a boyfriend. In March, for SPRING BREAK of my SENIOR YEAR ... I got my wisdom teeth out. And aside from the dry heaving from taking Vicodin on an empty stomach, it really wasn't that bad. I also joined Twitter that week (@princesscait), probably because I was stuck in bed with nothing else to do. I spent most of April studying hard, writing papers, and taking finals. In May, I finally graduated (one of the only really exciting things to happen this year) and had an amazing party.

June, July, and August pretty much blend together as one of the must uneventful summers ever. My cousin went to her prom and had a graduation party, but I found myself still knee-deep in drama with her. I distracted myself by cleaning out my entire room and getting a new desk. I mourned the death of Michael Jackson, because the dancer in me can't NOT move to his music and be in awe of his dancing skills. And in spite of it all, I poured my heart out to my cousin about how much we'd grown apart, helped her get ready for college, and saw her off the night before she moved in.

The fall started out with a bang - in September I attended the annual block party at my aunt's shorehouse on Labor Day Weekend. But the fall, much like my summer, was ultimately uneventful. The highlight of October was dressing up and handing out candy, something I never did when I was younger because I was out trick-or-treating myself. I got a little crafty in November, making a banner for my cousin's dorm and some clips for Thanksgiving place cards. I also visited my cousin at college and got legitimately drunk for the first time. And I wasn't even hungover! For Thanksgiving, we spent our time playing Wii tennis and cursing at the game. Finally, in December, I splurged a little too much on gifts for myself while shopping for others and took part in the 24 Days of Christmas photo challenge. Here are some of my favorites.

Day 4 - Gold wire tree.

Day 12 - Christmas tree lights.

Day 19 - Outside lights in the snow.

Day 21 - Snowflake ornament and Christmas tree bokeh.

Day 23 - Jingle bells.

So that was my 2009. When I entered college and they told us we were the class of 2009, it seemed so far away. Now it's come and gone. Here's hoping that 2010 will be a much better year, that I'll get my life back on track and finally be completely happy again. Because being unhappy for the better part of an entire year really, really sucks.