Friday, November 20, 2009

learning my limits.

Last Friday into Saturday, I had the absolute best time reconnecting with my younger cousin, L. She and I are... well, we're hard to describe. We're not exactly alike, although in many ways we are. I'd say we're different in all the good ways, ways that make us able to tolerate each other.

One of our biggest differences is choice of social activities. In college especially, I was (and still mostly am) the laid back type. I didn't go to frat parties every weekend - in fact, I only drank on a handful of occasions in college, most of them happening after I turned twenty-one. My friends and I spent our time watching TV shows, going to the movies and the mall, or going out to eat. That's just what I chose to do and I was perfectly content with it.

L, on the other hand, was ready for college before she even got there. When I went to visit her last weekend, all of this was on my mind. I had simply assumed we'd be drinking, so it didn't surprise me when she suggested we pick up some beer or vodka. I chose vodka, just because I knew it would be easier to mix into something else and go slow. I was wrong. (Although I'm still glad I didn't go with beer, because she'd surely have me chugging and I cannot chug anything, for the life of me.)

Let me just say, even after turning twenty-one, I haven't really ever gotten drunk. I'd also never taken a shot. So ... definitely killed those two birds with one stone.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all good, either. A big mistake I made (and that I knowingly made) was that I had barely eaten all day. I know, I know, novice mistake. But I figured I'd have one or two shots, then mix it with sprite and call it an evening. Nope. The equivalent of four shots later (I had a couple of half-shots in the beginning, since I was a newb), I was having. a. ball. L decided to call up my brother and we had a nice little chat, and a couple of her friends had come over. It was all good.

Then in the span of about ten minutes, it was suddenly not good. I got quite hot and dizzy and was no longer happy to be drunk. L noticed and I could tell she was worried, but I think she thought I was just overreacting. Luckily one of L's friends was pretty sober and noticed, and I have a feeling she said something to L when I went to use the bathroom down the hall. When I got back, everyone had left and L said we could just go to bed.

Most of the problem was that L didn't really pay attention to the fact that her tolerance was much higher than mine. I didn't drink often; she drank every weekend. She was basing her decisions to take more shots on how she felt, not realizing that I was likely more drunk than she was at any given time.

The good news? I didn't throw up and I didn't pass out. I did start getting a little emotional because I wanted to feel better, but that moment came and went. I think L got a little overly concerned because she felt bad, so we put on a movie and she ended up falling asleep by 1am. Within an hour or so I felt loads better, but I couldn't fall asleep because kept having to pee. Wonderful.

Overall, it was an absolute learning experience. L told me the next morning that it was good I was with her to test my limits, because hers were tested at a point where it would've been uncool to go crying to someone about overdoing it. I'm mostly appreciative of the fact that we were just hanging out in the dorm and that I learned my limit. Now I know better for next time how far I can go before it crosses from this-is-so-fun-OMG drunk to must-stare-at-one-thing-so-I-don't-throw-up-from-dizziness drunk.

The best part? I wasn't even hungover! Bonus points for me.


Super Serious, "Day" 2 (Thursday night into Friday morning)
"Breakfast" (8pm) - 1 whole egg & 2 egg whites, scrambled with cheese; 1 slice rye toast with Smart Balance butter.
"Lunch" (Midnight) - shrimp-flavored ramen noodle soup
Snacks - chocolate chunk granola bar; 2 vanilla sandwich cookies
"Dinner" (5:15am) - Smart Ones frozen meal

Exercise - nothing