Sunday, January 3, 2010

social media tidbits.

I've been pondering a lot of little things lately, mostly related to social media and how I'd like to use it. They're of moderate importance and all I really need is some feedback, so here's a little list. If you read this and you have an opinion on one of these things, please feel free to comment or contact me about it to help me gain some perspective.
  • Should I get a Tumblr account? My RL friends have started getting into it, although nobody seems to know exactly what to do with one.

  • Should I create a separate Twitter account for RL friends? Does anyone actually do this, or would I be crazy? I've gone back and forth on this only because I don't know how comfortable I would be with the exposure of my blog to people IRL. Sometimes I feel I would be okay with it (considering some of my friends and my boyfriend already read it), but other times I worry about too many people having access.

  • Should I switch to Wordpress? I am totally that person who worries about putting time and effort into a project only to abandon it in the near future. Which doesn't make sense because I've been blogging for two years and I really don't see myself stopping. From what I know (which isn't very much), it just seems like a daunting time commitment because it's not as basic and user-friendly as Blogger is.
That's about it for now. Any advice is very much appreciated!