Thursday, March 12, 2009

everyone was right.

The wisdom teeth thing? I completely and totally overreacted. Well, mostly.

The surgery started off a bit shaky. Since it wasn't a tough extraction, I had nitrous oxide instead of being completely under. And, as a side note, I had used nitrous oxide when I had baby teeth pulled a while back, and I loved it. Not so much this time. It seemed as if they gave me a stronger dosage, and I think because I was still coherent, I started panicking about how much it was affecting me. At first I tried to just relax and convince myself I'd feel nice and careless in a few minutes, but I suddenly started feeling lightheaded and nauseous. So we took a breather - they gave me pure oxygen through the little nose mask, and I felt fine within a few minutes. I asked him to let me have the laughing gas at a much lower dose, and that worked fine.

It was over pretty quickly, and I really felt good leaving the office. Not lightheaded, not sick, not in any pain. I got home and chatted with my mom (through a gauzy mouth, of course), then retreated to my brother's room (because the remote for my television is busted and his is not). My dad came back with my prescriptions, which the doctor had said to take as soon as possible. Okay. So I took the anti-swelling medication, the antibiotic, and of course, the pain medicine. Ten minutes later, I felt the pain meds kicking in, so I crash for a nap.

When I woke up a few hours later, I was quick to realize that hey, my body's not too happy with me taking all those meds without food. Um, oops? I spent two hours feeling really dizzy and extremely nauseous. This was definitely the worst part of the whole experience, but luckily it wore off when the medicine did. After that, I decided there would be no more pain meds for me. I know, I'm a total party pooper.

But actually? I didn't need it. The pain was minimal even that night. And now, two days later, I just have mild pain, but a sizable amount of swelling. As my wonderful, loving brother put it upon seeing me for the first time post-op: "you look like John McCain, by the way."

The only thing still skeeving me out is the whole idea of these stitches. They're just.. ickkkk. I want them gone, plz. Also? I'm getting really sick of eating mashed potatoes, eggs, and chicken lomain. Forreals.

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~ashley~ said...

reason #1 million and ten that we are the same person...the laughing gas totally gave me anxiety and i did NOT enjoy the pain meds