Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving recap.

After a weekend of eating nothing but Thanksgiving leftovers (including copious amounts of pumpkin pie and brownies that nobody ate), I am so ready to get back on a regular diet. I spent the past three days "recovering" from the holiday, which basically meant sleeping, staying in my pajamas, and cruising the internet for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping deals. But let's backtrack to my Thanksgiving.

The nametags I slaved over for two hours.

I had a decent Thanksgiving. The "kids" are all older, so all of the excitement has really disappeared. This year felt very, very different compared to previous years. Maybe I was just in a funk because I was worried about my anxiety, maybe it was because I had to keep leaving to drive people around. But something just felt off.

The day went by lightning fast, which is my biggest gripe about holidays. There's so much build up and anticipation, and then suddenly, it's done. We always have a small crowd for my dad's side of the family. Mine is a family of four, my cousin Lynds's family is four more, and one of my older cousins joined us as well, making nine.

the ladies.
My cousins Lynds and Clancy, and me. The girls of the family.

Leading up until dinner, we sat around playing Wii while the parents had Serious Discussions. Dinner was okay, but as soon as we were done, I had to drive my brother to the cat shelter where we volunteer. The kitties still have to eat dinner, even on Thanksgiving. Then I went to pick him up, after which we all played an annoying and drama-filled game of Outburst. Although after discussing it the next day, I seem to be the only one who was a stick in the mud about it. Guess it was the fact that I couldn't drink yet because I had more driving to do.

We took some pictures, sat down for dessert (which barely anyone ate), then I was off again to lead my cousin out to the parkway. I got back, had a shot of vodka and a beer, and we played Wii for about a half hour until my mom and aunt got into some silly tiff and then suddenly it was time for Lynds's family to leave.

All that being said, we had a ton of fun getting our drink on and playing Wii tennis. It was nothing short of hilarious.

intense game.


(Just a warning, there's a bit of objectionable language. My brother likes to drop the F-bomb.)

In true holiday fashion, I barely ate anything throughout the day because I tend to get really anxious. It sucks, but I've learned to deal with it and put up with everyone making comments on my nearly-empty plate. Of course, this means that as soon as everyone leaves, I engorge myself on all the leftovers, which isn't always the best plan of action. I cross that line from "mmm, yummy" to "MISTAKE BITE" really, really quickly.

Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful holiday. Personally, I'm looking forward to Christmas and thinking it will probably go better than Thanksgiving.