Tuesday, December 8, 2009

giving gifts... to myself.

[Don't forget that if you'd like a holiday card from me, you can click here or on the teddy bear image in my sidebar to sign yourself up. C'mon, who doesn't love snail mail?]

I'm very excited because all of the Christmas presents I ordered online around Black Friday are showing up. I wish I could make a list to show you, but quite a few of my friends and family read this blog and I don't want to spoil anything!

On the other hand, I have also acquired quite a few "gifts" for myself. And those I can definitely share with you.

The first couple of things are from Victoria's Secret, because they're amazing at keeping their customers coming back. I ordered a few things here and there in November and with every purchase in that month, they sent me a "secret" gift card with an unnamed value on it. Turns out the two that I snagged were worth $10 and $50. I was quite shocked because I just assumed they'd both be $10. I combined them with a bunch of discount and free shipping codes and, in addition to the pajama sets I bought for my cousins, I got myself two things:

Bling flannel PJ pant

The other item was a new bra, but there's really no need to post a picture of that here, now is there?

There have been plenty of things on Etsy that have caught my eye, but that's nothing new. I am always in the mood to shop there, no matter what time of year it is.

Wish Love Bracelet, $15

This bracelet was an early, early gift to myself, to early to really be considered as Christmas-related. I bought it more as a reminder to love myself - I tend to do so much for other people and beat up on myself. Something about it spoke to me, so I bought it without much hesitation. Since receiving it, I've only removed it to take a shower.

My final stop was at MrsPriss's shop, who has the loveliest flower hair clips ever. Seriously. I had to buy two when they were on sale last month.

My 24 Days of Christmas photo is a little out of the ordinary today. When I was toying with pictures of my fiber-optic tree, I spontaneously took a few photos while also moving the camera around. Most of them came out just okay, but this one looked really cool.