Wednesday, June 1, 2011

perfect MDW.

On Friday, I promised myself I would take it easy for Memorial Day weekend. My health was just starting to get back on track, so instead of rushing off to make plans, I settled in for a few days of "staycation."

I made the decision to unplug from the internet for the weekend, so aside from checking my e-mail and Facebook once or twice per day, I stayed away from my computer. Instead, I grabbed a book (Eat Pray Love, and yes, I realize I'm really late in reading it), some fresh watermelon, and a lounge chair and planted myself in the backyard. Thankfully both Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous and I actually got some color. (Of course, that color is still pink and not tan, so we'll see about my goal to be a little bronzed by the end of the summer.)

Even after I came back in for dinner each night, my evenings were spent chatting with my mom, curling up in my room and reading more, or doing some journaling. I made it my mission to completely relax and not worry about anything except making sure I was eating better and drinking more water. By Sunday, I was feeling much better and back to my "normal" self, which was a huge mood booster.

It was also fortunate because E wanted to see me despite driving ten hours back from his week-long vacation with his friends that day. We had discussed that he'd likely be tired so I didn't count on seeing him, but when he asked, I only thought about it for a little while before agreeing. That night I was on my way.

It was a short visit, but a good one. I met him at his friends' house for a graduation/Memorial Day party for a few hours, then we headed back to his house where we promptly fell asleep because he was exhausted. We slept in pretty late on Monday for the same reason, but I wasn't complaining because one, I love sleep and two, more cuddle time. It was my favorite part of the weekend, especially when I was mostly awake and he was still half-asleep, so I could really savor it.

I already had plans with Danielle and Natalie for Monday night, so I was figuring out the specifics when E's friends invited him to the movies. Unfortunately it meant we had to part ways, so I headed home and had dinner before meeting the girls to see Bridesmaids. It was really good - just the right mix of funny, crude, and girly. I laughed really hard and even cried a bit... but I could've done without the whole bathroom scene. My hands were covering my face the entire time. Still, it was the perfect movie to see with the two girls who are getting married in the next year - we kept pointing out crazy things in the movie that we promised we were planning for each of their bridal showers/bachelorette parties/weddings.

At the outset of this weekend, I was slightly bummed out because I didn't have plans to be on a beach or at a barbecue. But you know what? It turned out to be perfect anyway. I had an entire day and a half to myself, an unexpected visit to see my boyfriend, and a fun night out with my friends. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, but it was the good kind of tired, where you fall into bed and know you'll sleep well because you've been busy enjoying life.