Thursday, June 2, 2011

may was quiet; june, please be good to me.


Is May really over already? I think the sporadic nature of the weather here (cold and rainy jumping directly into hot and sunny), along with two weeks of feeling “off” have really made the month pass by much too quickly. Honestly, I feel like Easter was yesterday and I was just checking my calendar thinking it was a long way off until June.

My month was pretty quiet – if anything, everyone else had excitement in their lives. E took a weekend trip to DC and an epic week-long vacation with his friends last week. One of my friends made a big decision with her career, one of them got engaged, and the first bridal shower discussions for another were started.

There was one big… milestone, I guess, that happened in my life this month, but unfortunately I won’t be elaborating. Instead, I’ll embarrass myself by telling you how I cried over several TV shows’ season finales, how happy I am to have So You Think You Can Dance back in my life, and that I got drunk off of a wine called Silly Goose while watching the Billboard Music awards with Lyndsay.

And now, time to check up on those goals.

Get healthy. This month was terrible. I fell off the wagon during Easter weekend and never quite got back on.

Work on my anxiety. I didn’t do too much to actively work on my anxiety. There were no outright issues, but I wasn’t proactive, either.

Live in the moment. Not so much for most of the month, because I was feeling sick and miserable. I did, however, pull myself back into the present moment for almost all of Memorial Day weekend – enjoying the fresh air while reading outside, being in-touch with myself while journaling, and embracing the pure happiness I felt when I was snuggling with my boyfriend – and it did absolute wonders for my mood.

Stay in touch. For the beginning of the month, this was a bust. I eventually got around to seeing some of my friends and making plans with others, but I still felt like I wasn’t caught up on everyone’s lives.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. Big fat no. I’ve regressed in terms of worrying about how my personality plays into my relationship, which culminated in an awful mood swing Tuesday night that was only cured by copious amounts of alcohol.

May’s goals were only mildly successful. Out of seven goals, I completed two and a half: replying to blog comments, reading a book, and writing out a plan to improve my life. The “half” one is writing out my life plan – I started to at the beginning of the month, but never got around to finishing it or following through with it.

Goals for June: finish my daily life plan and start implementing it; make a gynecologist appointment; make a dentist appointment; try a new recipe; grow out the rest of my nails; be more forthcoming about my emotions in my relationship; spend as much time outside as possible; apply to jobs.

How was your May? What are you looking forward to in June?