Saturday, November 21, 2009

why i hate brillo pads even more now.

Wow, this blogging every day thing is really starting to grow on me. Of course, it's also caused me to believe that every! single! thing! that I do needs to be blogged. That's probably not true.

Anyway, I've been in super cleaning mode for the past two weeks or so (I can't really remember, there were a lot of sleeping mishaps...) since Thanksgiving is being held at our house. Most of the duties fall to me, mainly because I have to do chores to "earn my keep," but also because my mom never got around to all of it herself. Which means I get to do everything. And we're not just talking about your regular dusting, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the windows (although I have to do all that TOO). Oh, no.

Yesterday, for example, I had the wonderful pleasure of completely scrubbing down the bathroom, which only gets a full cleaning twice a year. Anyone who roomed with me in college can tell you that I love cleaning the bathroom. (Like, love. To an extent that's borderline unhealthy.) But I never had to do what my mom does, which is spend an hour and a half in a Chemical Cloud of Awfulness.

People. I was wearing an old wife beater as a makeshift face mask so that I didn't pass out from the fumes. I would've taken a picture, but my hair was an absolute mess.

You'd think this is the worst of it. But it's not. On Wednesday, I spent two hours in the downstairs hallway, taking a Brillo pad to the vinyl tile floor. Tile. By. Tile. If there's something that gets done less often than the hardcore bathroom cleaning, it's the hardcore hallway floor cleaning. It's a very high-traffic area, so the spots underneath the throw rugs are very yellow and dirty. Nothing gets the dirt up... except Brillo pads. I hate Brillo pads and now I have even more reason to hate them. If it wasn't for the extreme sense of satisfaction my perfectionist side gets from seeing all that dirt come up, I would refuse to do this. The things I do for cleanliness.

For the record? My future husband is going to haaaaaaate me.


Super Serious, Day 3 - Friday.
6am - Small mug of instant coffee with Pumpkin Spice powdered creamer
Breakfast (8:30am) - Plain pasta
Lunch (11:45am) - Turkey sandwich with mayo and pickles on rye bread
Lunch #2 (3pm) - Pasta with tomato sauce
Dinner (5:30pm) - 2 slices of broccoli pizza
Snacks - 2 cookies; half a tangerine (it was gross); Sun-dried Tomato Wheat Thins

Vitamins - Multivitamin & iron supplement
Drink count - 3 glasses of water, 1 mug of coffee, 1/2 can of Diet Pepsi
Exercise - 1 hour of cleaning the bathroom; lots of carrying things up/down the stairs for my mom all day

Notes: My mother seems to think that my sleeping problems (and weird leg pains every once in a while) are caused by dehydration. I've never been one to drink a lot - I physically can't chug that much water at once - but it usually doesn't bother me. However, with my digestive system running on high all the time, I need to replenish at a faster rate than usual. My goal is to start drinking three to four glasses of water/liquid a day.