Sunday, November 22, 2009

my goals, explained.

I guess since I'm doing pretty well with documenting my project, I should list what exactly I'm trying to do here.
  • Reducing snacking. This means eating more full, scheduled meals and having substantial snacks. I'm also trying to minimize snacking past a certain point before bedtime.

  • Eat more 'good' foods. Regarding my health problems, I have found a website that lists food I should eat, ones I should be careful with, and ones I should completely avoid. I'm supposed to stick more to things like pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes. So basically, carbs.

  • Avoid the 'bad' foods. As per the list of foods I should be eating, the "completely avoids" are things like caffeine, chocolate, coffee, dairy, and fatty foods. I have become much more conscious of eating less butter/oil, checking the fat content of packaged foods, and limiting dairy.

  • Drink more water. Like I noted in my last post, I'm really bad with having enough water per day. This one's pretty self-explanatory.

  • Exercise. This has been tough since my sleeping has been off. I'm spending the day with The Boy, so a short walk may be involved, but I'll definitely be back on track with this tomorrow.

  • Sleeping. Basically, stop sleeping for 12+ hours. Friday night I hit 15, but that was after staying up Thursday into Friday after my ridiculous sleeping binge. I'm shooting for 10 as my "regular" number, for now.
So there you have it. I don't exactly have too many specific goals because I find that if I do, when I don't reach them or am doing badly, I give up more easily. Having open-ended goals is better for me because I find that I'm more productive that way.


Super Serious, Day 4 - Saturday.

Sleeping: Woke up at 2pm after going to bed at 11pm = 15 hours.

Lunch (3pm) - Pasta with sauce
Snacks - 1/2 bowl of Jell-O
Dinner (5:30pm) - 3 pieces of skirt steak; 1/2 a large potato with Smart Balance; salad with fat free ranch dressing
Snacks - 1/2 bowl of Jell-O; 3 vanilla sandwich cookies; 3 homemade oatmeal raisin cookies; slice of pizza; steak quesadilla

Vitamins: Multivitamin, iron supplement, & calcium chew
Drink count: 2 glasses of water
Exercise: 10 minutes of Wii Sports