Monday, November 23, 2009

day five.

No regular entry today, folks. Sorry about that. I was out all day yesterday at The Boy's house and today, I'm off to work for the afternoon.

I'll be back tomorrow!

Super Serious, Day 5 - Sunday.

Sleep: Fell asleep at 5am (oops), woke up at noon = 7 hours.

Lunch (3pm) - Turkey and pepper jack cheese sandwich on an English muffin
Dinner (6:30pm) - Chicken and broccoli with jasmine rice; small serving of salad
Snacks - One scoop of cookies & cream ice cream; a handful of popcorn; 1 slice of pumpkin pie; 1 oatmeal cookie; leftover ravioli

Vitamins: Multivitamin, iron supplement & calcium chew
Drinks: 2 glasses of water & 1 Capri Sun
Exercise: 2 hours of washing cars/running around at The Boy's house