Thursday, November 19, 2009

and then this happened.

Super Serious, Day 1 (Wednesday).

Breakfast (7:45am) - 1 full egg & 2 egg whites scrambled with shredded cheese; 1 slice rye bread with Smart Balance butter; 1 glass of Gatorade with fiber supplement.
Morning snacks - chocolate chunk granola bar; leftover grilled chicken
Lunch (1pm) - Smart Ones frozen meal
Afternoon snacks - 2 vanilla sandwich cookies; 2 Almond Joys; 1/2 bowl of Kix; rice crackers; Ranch-flavored Wheat Thins

... and then I passed out at 8pm without eating dinner. Oops.

Exercise - 10 minutes of Wii Sports; 1 hour of raking leaves


Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll notice, there is no update from today for my Super Serious plan. Why? Because I slept for twenty-four hours. Take a moment, let that sink in.

I fell asleep at 8pm last night and, aside from waking up around 9:30 with horrible stomach cramps, slept through until 8pm tonight. Sleeping for that long, although wonderful when it's happening, is bad news. Bad, bad news. I finally got out of bed and nearly toppled over. It doesn't really help that I seem to be developing a cold in the midst of this, but everything felt very off. I barely had the energy to make myself breakfast (yes, breakfast at 8pm).

I was hesitant to share this because I'm not really proud of it. My sleeping habits, while constantly the source of jokes amongst my group of college friends, aren't really funny anymore. But I figured a twenty-four hour sleeping binge was an exception, because even I'm still going... wait, WTF?!

Anyway, despite my usual nature to abandon a plan once I fail, I'm sticking to Project Super Serious. Here's hoping tomorrow will go a little smoother!