Wednesday, November 18, 2009

commence project super serious.

I keep putting off my weekend entry because I'm waiting for my cousin to supply me with some photos. But as we get further and further into the week, I'm getting antsier that I'm not posting.

Then I thought of something.

I have a week and one day until Thanksgiving. A couple odd weeks ago, in the back of mind I told myself I would get healthy by the holidays. Thanksgiving totally snuck up on me in a really bad way - if I stick to my goal, I have a mere week to get completely back on track.

This weekend threw me off, though that's not to say I was really doing that great to begin with. Still, doing shots of vodka Friday night, eating chicken quesadillas all weekend, and spending the last two days sleeping? Not on the approved list of activities for getting better.

All of this means one thing: I have to get Super Serious about this. Which means using this blog to hold me accountable. I always hesitated to include daily health-related goals here, but I don't have many other options. At least if I know I'm recording my progress here, I'll feel somewhat obligated to actually do better. I tend to be very lax with myself, so blogging is going to be my accountability partner of sorts.

But fret not! I know this doesn't sound exciting in the least, but I'm going to continue blogging about other things in addition to the health-oriented stuff. Maybe this will even get me back into the swing of writing a blog daily.

So... here goes nothing!