Monday, March 9, 2009

nervous wreck.

Spring Break is treating me nicely, as I've spent my entire weekend out shopping. I actually started planning things for my graduation party, which has been a lovely distraction. However. Now there's a strong realization that oh shit!, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in the morning.

I've heard all sorts of stories, ranging from awful to okay to "hey, I was doing X, Y, and Z by the next day." Regardless of this, I'm basically having a pitiful nervous breakdown right now. Mistake #1 was to read over the information that explains what could happen after the removal, things that have skeeved me out and made me regret reading it.

The silly thing is, I'm about 90% positive that sometime tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to write one of those "ohmahgah you guys, it was totally fine and I totally overreacted and hey now, prescription pain meds are totally awesome" posts. Unfortunately, this "ohmahgah you guys, what if I bleed forever and the pain meds make me sick and then I'm in pain and I suffer every single complication?!?!" post needs to happen first. Sorry about that.

Distractions are, therefore, very necessary. Lucky for me, today's shopping excursion went very, very well. Mainly because... well, remember this post, and the dress I was dying to own?


[Pardon the first pic with the flash in my face, but it shows the color much better than the others.]

It's amazing. It's everything I've always wanted. See, when those kimono dresses came in style, I wanted one of those really badly, but they always looked awful on me. But this? Has the same loose quality that's cinched at the waist. I just... I love it! I tried it on in the dressing room and may or may not have bounced up and down a bit, because it looked so good.

And! Because Forever 21 is pretty much the best store on the planet, I found this:

I forgot to mention that the bathing suit I'd ordered from Victoria's Secret ended up not fitting well and not even looking that great on me. Instead of settling for that one, I decided I'll just return it and stick with the one above. Oh, and it looks SO much better in person, because I looked through all the Forever 21 bathing suits prior to my shopping trip and really didn't like any of them at all. So if you saw them online and were like "meh!" I PROMISE they are much more adorable in person.

I additionally scored a cute pair of closed-toe black heels from Payless, because I needed a good pair of shoes for interviews or (fingers crossed) my eventual job.

Basically, the moral of this story is, there is nothing that can't be cured with an amazing find-what-you-want shopping trip.

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EP said...

I'm loving that first dress! It's gorgeous and fits wonderfully, too!

Are you doing all right after the surgery? My favorite part was definitely the drugs. I seriously think my family asked me a lot of personal questions during that time, though, because I don't remember a thing.