Thursday, March 5, 2009

woo, spring break!

It is entirely too warm in my house right now. Not sweltering, just warm. The problem with this is that I'm super sleepy, and the warmth is just enough to make my eyelids think it's bedtime. Except it's not.

I just popped in a load of laundry, so I'm forced to be awake for the next two hours. I have some reading for class tomorrow, but um, I'm not really motivated to do it. I'd rather pack my suitcase for Spring Break. The problem there? I'm OCD and don't want to start packing until I have all my clothes clean and available for the picking.

So what are my exciting and thrilling plans? I... don't actually have any. In fact, I have the opposite of amazingly fun Spring Break plans - I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. Fun, fun, fun! The only plus here is getting to stay in bed and sleep as long as I like, and maybe getting a teensy bit spoiled along the way. Hey, I'm going to slightly resemble a chipmunk and be high on pain medication.

What else am I planning on doing? A little shopping, a little hanging out with friends I haven't seen in forever, and hopefully getting a chance to catch up with Lynds. She's prom dress shopping soon, and I'm DYING to tag along to live vicariously through her see what kind of dress she'll pick and maybe help out a bit. Because I love dress shopping. No, really. I. Love. It. When Lynds had her sweet sixteen two years ago, I and freaked out and spent MONTHS finding a dress. And it wasn't even my party. I might have a problem.

In fact, I've been looking for a cute dress for Easter. Nothing fancy, just something cute and dressy, but casual. Some options:

Belted Floral Dress, Forever 21, $22.80
[I JUST spied this one on the website, and OH EM GEE you guys, I want it so badly.]

Smocked Waist Floral Dress, Forever 21, $22.80
[Cute and simple. Loves it.]

Forever 21 is my favorite store in the entire world. Ever. It's trendy, affordable, and they have about a gazillion things in their store. I am just itching to get over to the mall and try on a bunch of cute dresses.

Eep, laundry's done! Time flies when you're obsessing over unnecessary wardrobe decisions.

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