Saturday, August 23, 2008

a little stressed

Greetings from the land of The Week Before Move-In Day!

I've been squeezing every bit of fun I can out of the few days left until I move in to school. On Tuesday I hung out with the Former Roomies and we did what we do best: on-the-fly-back-to-school-clearance shopping! Yay! I came home with two new tank tops, a plain black tee, and a cute skirt I found at Old Navy. We ate at Panera in between (delish!) and spent a while there chatting about... our futures. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

I am extremely unprepared for The Real World, as I have mentioned several times. Where am I going to live? And with whom? Or maybe I should live alone? Will I get a job? Where will I work? How long are my parents willing to let me live here post-graduation? Am I going to be living in a cardboard box?

This year is going to be tough because I've got to suck it up and actually work really hard. I'm warning you now, this blog may turn into a place where I'm going to rantrantrant about schoolwork and be a baby about it. Feel free to, you know, completely ignore those entries when they pop up.


In other news, I've been putting off going to the dentist for some time now. I had an appointment to have my pearly whites cleaned up back in July, and was told I have a billion problems some issues to deal with: four cavities (one of which requires a crown), my wisdom teeth need to come out, and I have receding gums that need surgery. BLECH. I can handle the cavities, even though it's been over a month and I haven't called to schedule my next appointments. But the wisdom teeth? Oral surgery for my gums?! I just about crapped my pants in the office when he told me all that. I know that wisdom teeth are.. not impossibly scary/painful, but I'm thinking I would feel much better if they weren't impounded and were instead already grown in. However. My mother had the gum surgery and CAIT DOES NOT WANT. No thanks, I'll pass. Too bad my gums are so bad in places that the roots of my teeth are exposed. Great.

So those are the two things on my mind when I have the time to think. Luckily I spent a wonderful day at the beach on Thursday and have dinner with my old high school gang tonight, so I have opportunities to take those things off my mind for a while.


Anonymous said...

It's your blog, feel free to rant about whatever you want! Plus, hearing about the horrors of class will mean I won't feel so bad about putting off grad school for another year.

I'm sorry to hear about the teeth. I have a lot of problems with mine too because I grind my teeth. Getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't a big deal though so you might go for that one first. Can they do the gums at the same time?

Jamie Lovely said...

Ugh these are some of the reasons I hate the dentist so much. Too much money and too much pain :(

Anonymous said...

Augh, gum surgery!!! ::frantically paws at lips and cheeks in a fit of discomfort::!! Please to be not getting your gums cut open!

B-t-dubs, you're totally tagged. :-P