Tuesday, August 26, 2008

oh my

Remember how I said in this post that I never had enough blogs to read?


I seem to have forgotten how busy I get at school. Over the summer I conveniently accumulated a ton of blogs on my reader, just because I was bored out of my mind and it gave me something to do. However. I failed to realize/remember that life is totally different while I'm at school - I'm either in class, out eating, doing work, or with friends... all day long. Right.

Things should lighten up, though. These past few days have just been the over-activity of getting everything ready for classes and seeing everyone I haven't seen all summer. I'll bet my life will go back towards the "hum-drum" end of the scale a little bit in a week or two.

Now I'm off to another pointless First Class of the Semester. Why even bother? They read the syllabus to us. Um.. I can already read? Thanks though. At the same time, I do enjoy going to class only to get out twenty minutes later, and whenever professors actually start teaching on the first day.. I'm not a happy Cait. How dare teachers actually, I don't know, TEACH during class time. Psh, please.

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Tiff said...

I did the same thing over the summer...I opened my google reader today for the first time in a week and I thought it was going to explode out of my screen (ok, maybe an exaggeration, lol).

Also...I hate when professors read the syllabus to you--on Tuesday I had a professor who took it upon himself to read and comment on his syllabus for over an hour (I'm pretty sure he thinks he is hilarious).