Sunday, July 20, 2008

soak up the sun

I'm back! And burnt to a nice little pink crisp, thank you very much. I don't get how this is fair. Yes, I know my heritage (Irish and Polish) lends itself to giving me easily burnable skin.. but I don't even get decent color out of it after the fact! Not worth it.

Of course, my sunburn is completely by accident (and possibly my stupidity). I adore the spray-on lotion I have, but failed to see the flaw in my plan when I applied it on the back deck in the wind. So only certain, very random parts of my body got burned. Then today, on our second outing, I figured out that SPF 15 lotion doesn't exactly cut it for someone like me. How do I know? Today, unfortunately, is when I got my lovely all-over burn. Again I seem to have missed certain crucial spots, like my very lower back, but even the spots I covered are burnt. Which completes the just-cooked-lobster look I was definitely not going for.

Other than that, my weekend was incredibly enjoyable. I got my margarita, my sun, and my relaxation. And now I'm off to reapply my aloe, ease into my bed very carefully, and pump up the AC so I can actually get my body temperature down a little bit. Man, I hate sunburn.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I always burn too! The other day this strip on one arm burned and the backs of my legs but nothing else. It looks so odd.

I'm glad you had fun!

ashley said...

oh the joys of getting sun burn...i always aim for a nice shade of fire engine

Anonymous said...

definitely sounds fab minus the sunburn!