Friday, July 18, 2008

another one bites the dust

This seems to be The Weekend of Vacations around the blogosphere. Quite a few of the bloggers I have on my Google Reader are going to BlogHer this weekend (um, jealous!). I've also seen a couple of people talking about visiting family and friends in various distant locations.

You can go ahead and add me to the list of those to be MIA this weekend because I'll be down at my aunt and uncle's shore house from quittin' time this afternoon until Sunday night. I'll be turning off my cell phone, ditching my laptop, throwing back as many drinks as I can handle (which is about two, because I'm the lightest of lightweights), and getting a lot of sun. A LOT. Because I need to work on not looking disgustingly pale.

So I hope to return with a lot of pictures. And not only tanner, but more relaxed. I really need to get away from everything, and the shore house is an escape I'm lucky to have. Plus, I get a lot of quality time with Lyndsay, which I can always use more of. I also hope to return with a few fun stories.. no promises though.

See you all Sunday!

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Have a great time!