Monday, April 14, 2008


I've definitely calmed down a bit since this morning's OMGEVERYTHINGSUCKS mood swing. I got back in bed around 10am and proceeded to sleep until, yup, 3pm. Which I think is mainly because I'm pretty sure I never set any type of alarm to wake me up before that.

Today was one of my very rare trips to the library. I only go in there when I absolutely have to, because I find it very intimidating and lonely in there. I've always felt that I would have a hard time doing work there, but knowing my luck, it will be my undiscovered mecca of Getting Shit Done. Anyway. I had a project to do on Microsoft Access (virtual brownies for anyone who knows and/or has worked with that program), and since my laptop is unequipped, I had to sit in the computer lab for an hour. Not too bad, since everyone else I talked to spent countless hours (days?) in the library, trying to finish it.

I backed out of my plan to stay in the library and read for my quiz tomorrow, choosing instead to go to the bookstore for Band-Aids and to the dining hall for a calzone. Then I proceeded to do nothing for a good three hours. Now I'm stuck finishing another pointless accounting assignment and I've still got two chapters to look over for tomorrow's quiz. Yay for being nocturnal!


In other random news, I'm doing a wonderful job of growing my nails out. You wouldn't believe how much effort it takes for me to not bite them. Luckily I've been swamped with activities and work, because the prime time for biting them is when I'm sitting at the computer, wasting hours upon hours doing jigsaw puzzles and reading blogs.

I guess I should probably get back to work so I get to sleep at a decent hour.

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