Thursday, April 24, 2008

is it summer yet?

I've come to the conclusion that back-of-the-legs sunburn is one of the worst kinds, if not the worst. Never mind the fact that sunburn is one of the worst things in life just in general.

Not only is it a sauna on the third (and top) floor of this townhouse, but my legs feel exceptionally hot, and it took me quite a while to fall asleep last night. I'm pretty sure that in class today, I went back and forth crossing one leg over the other basically a hundred times, because after about five minutes, the pain on the back of my knees was distractingly irritating. Of course I get sunburn on the only part of your body that you don't realize moves all the time. Apparently, I bend and stretch my legs quite often, considering every time I move, I'm in pain.


Finals and moving out of your dorm should be way, way more spaced out. Right now I'm juggling an end-of-the-semester project, four finals to study for.. and an undying urge to pack everything up right now and get out of here. It's very distracting for a borderline-OCD person like myself, because going through all my crap and packing away as much of it as I can is SO much more appealing than studying or working on my project.


Lion's Fest was a huge success, and the best one I've seen of the three years I've been here. We had a ton of rides, an extreme amount of food, and a lot of turnout. It can't hurt that it was a beautiful 75-degree day.

The day of the event is both the best and worst day of our semester. In the morning we're filled with energy - we hop out of bed at 8am, having no problem whatsoever. Throughout the day, we're happy and hyper, with moments of panic about problems that come up. At the end of the day, the grins are still on our faces because we know it was a success. The next day, we're relieved to be done with the stressful planning of it all.

At the same time, it is a major physical challenge to be one of the organizers. We're out there at 9am lugging tables and chairs around, carrying large quantities of breakfast foods, bottled water, and frozen meat for the BBQ. Nobody sits the entire day - we're either standing or walking, or running when there's a problem. There's also the inflatables - climbing through the obstacle course or knocking each other down on the joust. By the end of the day, we break down the tables and carry them all back to "headquarters." Then we have to canvas the entire area and do garbage duty.

By the time we return to our rooms, we notice the blisters on our feet and the sunburn all over. Showers are a must. After all the sunlight, running around, hot sunburn on our faces and bodies, the warm showers and putting on slippers and sweatpants.. most of us could probably sleep for days. It's one of those very few times where I actually cannot lie down without falling asleep immediately. I made this mistake after I ate leftover BBQ food - I woke up and found that Natalie had turned out my light and put a blanket on me.

I'm gonna miss it when I go into The Real World.

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Jenn said...

I hate sunburns. I get many of them each summer. I just recently got burned on my arms, nose and head. Lame. :(