Sunday, April 27, 2008

i sorta got something done, kinda...

Google Reader has simultaneously made me giddy with organizational-type excitement while giving me a shiny new way to throw my college career into the toilet. As someone who checks websites thirty times over during fits of extreme procrastination, it's disappointing to click on my Reader and find that, no, nobody's updated in the past fifteen minutes. You think I would just shrug my shoulders and possibly take it as a sign that I need to get to work. Instead, I decide that if I add more blogs to my Reader, then there's a better chance there will be new entries for me to read.

Instead of constantly just stealing from my roommate's list and claiming them as my own, I'm trying to find my own favorites. Any suggestions would be wonderful, either in the form of a direct link or just advice on where to search for some awesome blogs.


I think that I've finally gotten a topic for my Statistics of Economics paper. Yay me! Of course, now I have to print out research, make graphs of data I don't quite understand, and write eight to ten pages about it all. Before Friday. I'm actually proud of myself, because typically, I'd be starting this at around.. ten at night on Thursday. That's what I like to call making progress.

Alas, my efforts to start studying early for my Incredibly Difficult Intermediate Financial Accounting Final have been pretty fruitless. Part of my problem is that the aforementioned paper is due sooner, and I had difficulty focusing on my accounting while my brain screamed "You have a ten page paper due Friday! You have no topic! You are nowhere near having a topic! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME!?" It's pretty tough to ignore that.

My solution, up until today, was to distract myself with less important things I needed to get done. Like baking cupcakes. Because obviously, baked goods are definitely more important than not flunking this paper or, I don't know, my entire accounting course. I really don't know when my judgment got so messed up.


And just because this entry wouldn't be right without mentioning ice cream, Carvel has thought of the best thing ever - mixing ACTUAL CAKE MIX with soft-serve ice cream. And sprinkles. It is.. amazing.

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Jenn said...

My reader is rarely ever at zero. I think I read too many blogs. But in my defense, a handful of those are gadget and computer blogs so they update like 30 times a day.

I suggest checking out my blogroll. I have a lot of favorite bloggers. I definitely recommend Angelaboration, Pass the Chalk, Random Ramblings About My Life and Oh! How Lovely. They're some of my favorites.