Sunday, March 9, 2008

Change of pace...?

You're all going to be very proud of me, because I went shopping today without buying things I didn't need. Hooray! What I did pick up:
  • a pair of plain jeans (because on several occasions, I've gravitated towards the ones with pretty sequined designs on them, and it's best I have a few more plain pairs)
  • a bathing suit bottom (long story short, I bought a size too small last season, but the top still fits; luckily I was able to find a pair that matches perfectly)
Ta da! I am a reformed shopper. Hopefully this will keep up, because I'm becoming painfully aware of how close I am to entering The Real World (no, not the MTV show, unfortunately), and how much money I do not have.

That was one of the reasons I couldn't fall asleep last night - my brain decided it was time to run through the list of things I try to keep quiet for the majority of my waking hours. This list includes how I haven't put much effort towards getting an internship for this summer, how I screwed myself by having a low GPA, how I'm going to have to move out of this house as soon as I graduate college, how I definitely do NOT have the funds to support myself, and of course, how I'm going to be a lonely cat lady for the rest of my life. Yeah, my brain just likes to tack that to the end of the list, just for fun. For shits and giggles. Except I'm not laughing.


Break has been relatively relaxing so far. I got home Friday and celebrated by purchasing some lightweight-esque alcoholic beverages: Watermelon-flavored Smirnoff Ice. Of course, I had to convince both my brother and my mom that it was NOT pure vodka, as they previously thought. My first argument was that they wouldn't put pure vodka into beer-like bottles for easy consumption. My second, more convincing argument was the tiny print on the label that said "malt beverage/5% alcohol." Like I said, I'm a lightweight. As long as it has a low alcohol content, tastes good, and makes me look cool because I'm over the drinking age and actually taking advantage of that fact... then I'll drink it.


Tomorrow's Monday, and I kinda, sorta told myself that once the actual weekdays started, I would start homework. Great. I don't really have a ton of work due at the end of break, but I would like to catch up on my reading and homework assignments. It would be wonderful to go back next week and not have that constant, quiet nagging in my brain about how I should be catching up and keeping up with work.

Also tomorrow - dance class. Which I may or may not be ready for. See, after what went down with this competition and the preparations for it, I was sick of everything and everyone. I'm even sick of the music, which never happens. One time, after attending one of Katrina's dance recitals, I told her how awesome this one routine was. She told me she liked it too, but was so sick of the song (which happened to be Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love,' a song I still really like). I didn't understand that sentiment until after this competition. Now, whenever Michael Buble's 'Feelin' Good' or even Janet's 'Feedback' (*tear*) comes on my iPod, I want to throw it against the wall. Not cool. Hopefully I'll be able to reconcile my feelings with those songs in time. I've had a week away from all the drama, so I'm thinking that should be plenty of time. Just remind me never to get involved with this nonsense again. Remind me that I'm retired, as of March 2nd, 2008. Thanks.


I suppose I should go fetch my laundry from the dryer, where it's been sitting for three hours now. Right.

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