Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chat bits

Just because it was too good not to post it:

brother* (1:51:31 AM): i thought i had it all

Auto Response from princess cait x0 (1:51:32 AM): sleeping happily, because i get to see my favorite person in the WORLD today.
brother (1:51:33 AM): i had it all tyhe time
brother (1:51:40 AM): I SLEPP YOU HAPPIL
brother (1:51:46 AM): WAIT
brother (1:51:52 AM): YOU"RE NOT SEEING ME TODAy
brother (1:51:58 AM): LAIR
brother (1:52:19 AM): everybody has a differetny way to view the world
brother (1:52:23 AM): i would like you to know
brother (1:52:46 AM): when you see the simple things
brother (1:52:50 AM): to appareciate this life
brother (1:52:54 AM): it's not too late to learn
brother (1:53:33 AM): watcg this video
brother (1:53:35 AM): it's awesome
brother (1:53:41 AM): it's a great song
brother (1:53:51 AM): and has very nice lyrics as well
brother (1:54:02 AM): maybe you can apprecaiate the lyrics even if you ont like this kind of muscis

This is what I get in return for buying his alcohol. Keep in mind that this is from this morning, meaning, he was wasted on a Tuesday night. Good. This is good.


So the person I was really referring to in the away message above is, of course, my wonderfully amazing cousin Lyndsay. And because my family is apparently very good at producing really memorable IM conversations, here's a gem that was even profile-worthy:

princess cait x0: heyy slut
lyndsay*: omg its the town whore.
lyndsay: shouldnt you be making money somewhere now?
princess cait x0: no, no.. you're confusing YOUR job with MINE
princess cait x0: you're the town whore, sweetie.. remember?
princess cait x0: or maybe you don't..
lyndsay: oh shiit
lyndsay: sometimes i forget :/

Man, she is so much more fun now that she's old enough for us to call each other terrible names. Sad part: she's usually much better at it than I am. Boo.


To finish this entry, my brother graced me with another wonderful gem right here:

princess cait x0 (3:35:26 AM): you need to lay off the alcohol
brother (3:35:31 AM): i'm sobering up now
brother (3:35:37 AM): i stopp at 2ish
brother (3:35:44 AM): stopped

Why is my family so awesome?!

*screenname removed, obviously.

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