Monday, December 3, 2012

Snail Mail Love.


I'm baaaaaack!

December - and the holiday season in general - is one of my favorite times of the year. I thrive in the celebratory spirit, the sappy sentimental music, and of course, the glitter and sparkles. So what better time to make another attempt to make a comeback!

Today we're talking snail mail, both for others and for you! This year, like last year, I'm participating in something called 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. It's a special project that's part of More Love Letters, a website that focuses on leaving little notes of encouragement out in the world and sending snail mail to some people who need it most.

Every month, there's a request for a certain someone who's going through a rough time. Everyone who wants to participate mails their letters in to the website's P.O. box, where the letters are sorted and collected into bundles. The 12 Days project is a little more hardcore: twelve days, twelve separate bundles, twelve calls to action for twelve special people.

You have no obligation to write for all twelve bundles - last year, I wrote four or five. I want to encourage all of you to participate, especially if you love sending snail mail! It's so fun and rewarding to write notes to people who need the extra boost. Visit More Love Letters or their Facebook event page for more details and to sign up!

And now onto the goodies for you: if you want some pretty mail in your real-life, non-virtual inbox this years, fill out the form below for a holiday card from me!