Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wine and Love.

created by Nora, hosted by Suki!

Filling my wine glass...
  • The mornings are getting colder... and darker. Gross. I adore autumn and the cooler weather in general, but I forgot how terrible it is to be freezing in the morning and not want to get out of bed.
  • Another weekend without Erik coming up. I can't complain because one, my plans are the reason we can't hang out; two, this every-other-weekend thing isn't that bad; and three, it's probably good not to be spending every single weekend together. Still: wahhhhhh.
  • I'm back to being stuck in the rut of not making a dentist or doctor's appointment. I know I need to go in, but I keep procrastinating.
Filling my heart...
  • On Saturday I have a trip to my alma mater with Melissa and Katie! I am beyond excited because I haven't seen either since Melissa's wedding way back in July. Plus, being back on campus always makes me feel so at home. I can't wait.
  • Next weekend (on the 20th), we're going to Atlantic City for an October birthday celebration for Erik and two of his friends. My only visits to AC have been during the day and usually included a dance competition so it's a completely new experience for me. I'm not so happy about sharing a room with, potentially, 5-6 other (inebriated) people, but we'll see what happens. Either way, I get to wear a pretty dress and go dancing. Yay!
  • Taking Monday off has made this week fly by. My Thursdays are easy and go fast, which means Friday and the weekend will be here before I know it.
  • I scored some Christmas gifts already! Judge me if you like, but they were discounted on Rue La La, so I went for it. Even though I'm working and finally have money to spend on people, I'm not going crazy this year. (Well, except for all the treat-making that inevitably happens, but that's relatively cheap.)
What's on your mind this week?