Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wine and Love.

 {created by Nora and hosted by Suki!}

Filling my wine glass...
  • If you follow me outside of this blog (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), you may have seen a cryptic update... or seven. My relationship has been really unsettled lately and things came to a turning point on Monday. There were hurt feelings, rushed decisions, and awful things said and then taken back. We stand on unstable ground right now, but we're standing. Things have slowly gone back to semi-normal and I hope that soon, with lots of discussions, honesty, and compromises, we'll get back to normal.
Filling my heart...
  • Other than my relationship woes, my weekend with Erik was really fun! Saturday night was a short road trip with his friends to a small lakeside town for pub food (I had the best nachos ever), then Sunday was date night and bowling with his friends.
  • I was bummed out recently when I visited Victoria's Secret and couldn't find the perfume I'd finally decided to buy. However, I found it on clearance online, which meant I could get two bottles for roughly the same price as one! Yay!
  • My friends are the absolute best. Everyone's been responding to my vague social media updates and I just love everyone to pieces.
  • Four-day work week! It's simply flying by. Usually Tuesday is my slow day at work, so having it bumped out of the week and replaced with Monday has been fantastic.
  • I am really, really looking forward to having Erik over this weekend so we can finally clear the air and get all of our feelings out. Plus, he's still the person I want to see when I'm feeling sad and unsettled.