Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wine and Love

{created by Nora and hosted by Suki!}

Filling my wine glass...
  • I'm going through a bit of a rough patch with Erik, mostly because I'm not at my happiest and recent events have left me feeling vulnerable. When I feel vulnerable, the cray-cray comes out and, well, that's never good.
  • Every morning I wake up exhausted and yet, I never go to bed early. It's not fun, especially because I have to start waking up and leaving earlier to beat school traffic. (Also, WHERE did summer go? Seriously.)
  • Associated with the first bullet point, I'm feeling very 'blah' about life right now. Work itself is not the issue; I'm simply not happy with where I am in every part of my life and I don't know how to fix it. Actually, I do know the steps to fix it, but I can't summon the energy or confidence to take those steps.
Filling my heart...
  • I'm covering for our receptionist while she's on vacation and even though it's extra work for me, I'm really enjoying it. Except for answering phones, I love every aspect of being a receptionist - filing paperwork, sorting the mail, putting together packages, ordering things... it's paradise for an organizing freak like me!
  • #VEDA! It's been pretty fantastic, even though I've been a bad participant in terms of watching and commenting on everyone else's videos.
  • There's a three-day weekend coming up and I have almost NOTHING planned... which has the potential to be a bad thing (too much time to think and be bored), but I'm excited for it. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep, sort out the messier parts of my life, spend some time reading, and plan a little outing or two, depending on who's around.