Thursday, May 3, 2012

April & May Goals.

April was so crazily busy, but I've already discussed that to death here. Let's launch into how my goals went.

12 Changes

April was insane, but worked in tandem with the goal I hoped to accomplish. My sleeping schedule had previously been disgraceful. Once I started working, however, I really had no other choice but to get up at 7am and get to bed by 10pm so that I wasn't exhausted. Last weekend was my first time deviating from the schedule, but even then, I was sleepy by midnight and only slept late to "catch up" on sleep. (I know you can't actually do that, although I'm convinced that I am an advanced sleeper.) So thanks to my job, my change for this month was definitely accomplished.

Getting used to working full-time is a huge shift for me and the thought of tackling goals this month made me really exhausted. I checked my list and saw that I have one that's forcibly being enacted: limiting my time online.

As far as I know, I'm not really allowed to be online at work. Since I don't have an iPhone, that's 8 hours (plus around 2 for commuting) of not logging into Facebook, Twitter, or reading any blogs. When I get home, I eat and relax, eventually reaching for my laptop but not making it a priority. Basically, this goal will be accomplished pretty easily, but that's exactly what I need during my first full month of work.

1. Take vitamins/probiotic daily
2. Exercise at least three days a week
3. Craft at least once a week
4. Journal daily
5. Read every day (from a book, not a blog/the internet)
6. Reduce sugar intake
7. Reduce processed food intake
8. Limit time spent online
9. Put at least $10 from every paycheck in savings
10. Drink more water
11. Get on a regular sleeping schedule

Digital Day Off

My day off in April was a great success! I will admit that I cheated, but only because I wanted to check for any bachelorette party updates. In the morning, I allowed myself to check my personal e-mail and only log onto Facebook to see if I had any new messages or notifications. After that, I could only use it to look something up or to write something down on my to-do list.

So what did I do in my spare time? I had lunch with my grandparents, read more of The Happiness Project, vacuumed my room, worked on the bathroom, and cleared some clutter in my room. At night I went to visit Mark and allowed myself one more Facebook check, since I was telling him all about the bachelorette party plans. There were some updates, so I responded accordingly, sent out an e-mail, then went back to hanging out with Mark.

A Goal a Month

My little goal for April was to have a "clean" eating week before the wedding. It didn't happen, although I introduced green monster smoothies into my diet, which is some kind of improvement. This month, I want to take myself to dinner.

Going out to dinner by myself is on my 30 Before 30 list and I've been dying to do it. I have plenty of opportunities, seeing as Erik will be away this weekend and then later this month for a trip with his friends. Plus, being at work all day makes me want to do fun, out-of-the-house activities during the weekend, which includes intense cravings for going to dinner. This should be really fun.