Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wine and Love [Vol. 23].

 created by Nora; hosted by Suki!

Filling my wine glass...
  • I'm starting to get anxious about my first day at work on Monday. It especially stresses me out because it's right after the wedding - I only have Sunday to recuperate and mentally prepare myself. Although maybe that's a good thing... if I had more time, I would obsess and worry about it constantly.
  • There's a chance it'll rain on Saturday, the day of the wedding. At first they were saying it would start at night, but now is saying scattered thunderstorms (doesn't say what time, though, so hopefully we'll still be alright!).
Filling my heart...
  • This will be obvious: the wedding! It's two days away and I'm so excited. I drive up tomorrow afternoon for the rehearsal dinner, then I'm staying over for the big day.
  • Having time to relax. I deliberately planned to spend the week before the wedding taking it easy because I tend to stress if I have too much going on. I've been lounging outside, reading, and watching TV - basically being totally lazy. It also works out because it's my last week of "freedom" before starting work next week.
  • In addition to relaxing, I've been tying up all the loose ends left for the wedding - testing my makeup, ironing some wrinkles out of the dress, and making a list of everything to pack. So I'm not being completely lazy, but also productive.
  • Erik came over on Tuesday because I asked him to, which was really nice. I take him for granted sometimes - we recently got into an argument about contributions to the relationship - and I realized it's wonderful that he'll just drive over whenever I ask, so long as he's not too busy.