Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Double-Header Saturday, or, I Have the Best Friends Ever.

On Saturday, I had a jam-packed day that started with me getting into my car at 10:30am for a 1.5-hour drive to south Jersey to attend Melissa's bridal shower and ended with Danielle and me staggering off of a train and into the parking garage on sore feet at 2am.

The shower was fabulous, which I expected. Melissa is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, so naturally there were tea pots full of flowers, cupcakes that said "Eat Me," and a cute tea-themed favor. Her bridal party and her mom did an awesome job. I arrived late at the gorgeous golf club, where I was picked up by a guy in a golf cart and taken straight to the entrance. Faaaancy!

Lunch was delish, the trivia bingo was so fun, and I almost won the purse scavenger hunt (I tied with another friend of Melissa's and the tiebreaker was to find the weirdest item in your purse... she had blueprints, can't really out-weird that). Plus, Melissa was super excited about all of her gifts, so even that part was enjoyable. Around 3, Danielle and I said our goodbyes and headed out in preparation for the evening's events.

We met back up at my house and headed to the train station around 6 to catch a train into New York City. After a quick train ride and walk, we met up with the rest of the crew to celebrate Natalie's bachelorette party!

Dinner was at a restaurant called The Australian, where the attractive bartenders all had Australian accents... yummy. The food was fantastic and we got all our drinking in since they were giving us happy hour prices all night. I handed out favors - purple beaded necklaces, plastic cocktail rings, nametags, and penis ring pops - which everyone got a kick out of. After a few pictures, we headed to our next destination: Culture Club.

Culture Club is an 80s-themed club, which meant all sorts of cool drink names, awesome neon drawing on the walls, 80s movies posters and TVs with clips from those movies playing. It was really hot, but so much fun, especially because we teamed up with Natalie's crazy future sisters- and cousins-in-law, who insisted upon lots of grinding and lap dances.

Since we're all old women now, we headed out to catch our trains home at midnight (aside from the aforementioned future in-laws and Nat's cousin). The walk back was awful because an hour and a half of dancing had killed our feet, but Danielle and I made it. I tumbled into bed around 2:30 and fell asleep instantly.

Honestly, it was a really long day, but I had so much fun. I was so happy to be celebrating all sorts of wonderful things with my best friends.