Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday [Vol. 56].

1. What was the last gift someone gave you for no reason at all?
No idea. I don't usually get things out of the blue (which is one of my pet peeves about my otherwise wonderful boyfriend, actually). Everything I've received recently has been for a holiday or birthday.

2. What is the last gift you gave someone for no reason at all?
Probably a care package of some sort sent to one of my friends or Lyndsay.

3. What is your favorite thing you like to do alone?
Shop or read.

4. What is your favorite thing to with a group of friends?
Getting together at someone's house to talk or for a party.

5. What is on your agenda for tomorrow?
Nothing. The last two weeks were busy, Natalie's wedding is on Saturday, and I start my full-time job next week, so I'm relaxing and soaking in all the laziness I can.

6. What would you do tomorrow if you didn’t have any responsibilities?
Well, considering that's what's happening, I'll tell you what I'm doing: scrapbooking, catching up on TV shows, and reading.

7. What is something you miss from your childhood?
Freedom of responsibilities. The ability to play outside all day long and not get bored. School being fun!

8. What is something you don’t miss at all from your childhood?
Sometimes not being able to make your own choices. Recently, Lynds and I went out for McDonald's at 10pm, just 'cause we wanted to, and discussed how it was one of those things we yearned to be able to do as kids.

9. What is your favorite word?
I don't know, actually. I never keep track of what words I love or hate.

10. What is your least favorite word?
See above.

These questions are a part of Ten on Tuesday which is run by the wonderful Chelsea of Roots and Rings.