Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wine and Love [Vol. 19].

hosted by Nora!

Filling my wine glass...
  • Apparently I'm still fluttering in and out of my not-so-great mood. I feel like I am constantly talking about it, too, which is why I cut text conversations with Erik short and shy away from blogging when I'm feeling down.
  • My brother gets on my nerves every now and again because our family is one that shares opinions on each others' lives with bluntness to the point of cruelty. He's been commenting lately on my poor eating habits and laziness, and I want so badly to be out of this house sometimes just to get away from his criticism.
Filling my heart...
  • Last weekend, some plans I had with Erik and his friends got cancelled and I was a bit miffed about it. To make up for it, he's taking me out to dinner this weekend, wherever I want. I love "real" date nights.
  • More job applications! One is one of my dream jobs - a residence director - and I took the step of applying to Target in hopes that retail can be my fall-back if nothing else turns up.
  • Warm weather. It's going to hit 60 today, at least, and I am beyond excited.
  • E-mails and texts from my friends that make me smile, laugh, and remember how awesome they all are.
  • Making a budget for all the upcoming wedding stuff and feeling a little less panicky about my money situation.