Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Things.

Five Things is a new semi-regular series to recap five things that happened in my week. 

Five things... I did to show myself some love this week.
  1. On Monday, I nurtured my creative side and bonded with Lyndsay over crafting. She's in a sorority and has a lot of crafts to make for her new Little, so I offered my services.
  2. On Tuesday, I journaled about an issue that was on my mind. It lifted the problem off of my shoulders, which felt great.
  3. On Wednesday, I exercised for the second time this week despite not really wanting to.
  4. On Wednesday, I listened to my tired body and took a nap even though it was "irresponsible."
  5. On Thursday, I put myself first when I started feeling sick just before I was scheduled to hang out with Lyndsay again. Instead of pushing myself to go and craft anyway, I stayed in bed, drank tea, took a bath, and took care of myself.
What have you done lately to take care of yourself?