Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day and Unrelated Pictures of Crafting.

This weekend, for St. Patrick's Day, I attended a party at Erik's friend's house. It began with our late arrival and something his circle of friends calls "Feats of Drinking," which entails consuming alcoholic beverages - sometimes via a specific challenge - before you're allowed inside. Ours included a cute poem (which I meant to save, but forgot to bring home!), a shot of whiskey for my beloved, and a Jell-O shot for me. Because they love me. And pick on him. And because I had cupcakes.

The party itself was, well, a typical house party. By which I mean, complete drunken debauchery. There were car bombs, drinking games, poor score keeping, loud singing, and weird-but-amusing male bonding between Erik and his friends. I was the designated driver, so in my family's tradition... I got completely tipsy in the first two hours and then sobered up by the end of the night. True story.

Our night ended with some of our friends going from "okay" to "really not okay get me to the bathroom" in record time, four people in the bathroom at the same time (for bonding, not puking, apparently), and my first legitimate beer pong win. It took three times to get Erik to leave - he gets very chatty and forgetful after a night like this, which meant he kept forgetting my requests to leave and talked the ear off of one of his friends.

Overall, I had a total blast. Considering I once hated the thought of crazy drunken house parties, I'd say I'm becoming comfortable with them (and learning the warning signs of when someone may or may not puke). Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show for my fun Saturday night. I was wearing a cute green garter, too! (I gave the other one to Erik's BFF, who I now want to claim as my BFF.)

Instead, I'll show you the (terrible, taken-with-my-crappy-phone) pictures of the crafts I made with Lyndsay last weekend for her new Little - she was officially revealed on Friday night, so I'm free to share!

A few of my personal bests: off-set purple-and-yellow KD; bright green over-sized clothespin; hand-painted polka-dot E for their family name. I'm particularly proud of the polka dots, it's probably my best work ever.

How was your weekend, friends? Do anything fun for St. Patty's Day?