Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's Moments.

Last year, I saw a cool monthly recap on Stephany's blog that noted one memorable experience from every single day. I loved it so much, but I'm a stickler for doing things all-or-nothing, which meant I had to wait until the new year to start. Here we go!

1 - Ringing in the New Year by watching old-school Nickelodeon shows with Erik.
2 - The Rangers win the Winter Classic! Yay!
3 - We found out my cousin, who has some learning issues and has been struggling to complete her associates degree, will finally graduate in May!
4 - Wine and Doritos with Lyndsay, because we're classy.
5 - Going to the Rangers game to celebrate mine and Erik's anniversary.

6 - Ice skating with our friends Bobby and Kim.
7 - My party! Drinking a whole bottle of wine, dancing to Shakira with Erik in Just Dance, seeing almost all of my friends, getting tons of great gifts.
8 - Erik getting me Dunkin Donuts for my birthday breakfast.
9 - Using my new nail buffer from Lyndsay. My nails were so pretty after.
10 - Rewarding myself for going to the dentist with my first Essie nail polish (Power Clutch).

11 - I had lunch with my grandparents and aunt, and they brought me cannoli cake. Yum.
12 - Hanging out with "the guys" (Erik and his friends).
13 - Date night with Kim to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D.
14 - Epic wine night with Lyndsay, which included lots of bonding.
15 - Giants win!
16 - Going out for fro yo and getting my go-to combo: vanilla with Oreo pieces.
17 - Video chatting with Erik.
18 - Finally applying to some jobs!
19 - Trying something new at half-off apps night at Applebees - I got the chicken wonton tacos and they were pretty good.
20 - Having the giggles with Erik (there may or may not have been alcohol involved).
21 - Hot chocolate with breakfast.

23 - Braving work even though I wasn't feeling well.
24 - Getting chores done.
25 - I took an epic nap after my failed dentist appointment.
26 - Finding a top at Target to complete an outfit I was thinking of.
27 - Chinese food dinner date with Erik.
28 - The NHL All-Star skills competition. It was hilarious, especially during the breakaway competition - they all did really fancy (or silly) shots. Loved it.

29 - January's #twookclub chat
30 - I'm watching HIMYM for the first time (from the start) and I finished Season 1.
31 - Michael Jackson Glee episode!

What were some memorable moments from your January?