Thursday, February 2, 2012

January & February Goals.

January was a combination of complete failure and great success. Thank goodness for the latter part of that sentence, because otherwise, I’d likely throw the towel in on setting goals for the year. (Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic. But only a little.)

12 Changes

Well, crafting once a week, my change for January, was a big flop. Not completely – I worked on two projects this month – but they were small and not what I had in mind for this goal. The problem was that I didn’t take time to look up new projects or set a time to get anything done; it was always something I’d do ‘tomorrow.’ When I go to work on this change again in the future, I’ll make it a daily task or set a specific day every week and dedicate time towards finding new projects and gathering supplies.

Thankfully, I had another goal to replace that one:  taking vitamins and probiotics every day. This habit didn’t start up until the middle of the month, but I’ve kept with it ever since.

So what's in store for February? A change I've already started to put into motion:  exercise at least three days a week. To make sure I don't fall into the same habit as last month, I'm making an effort to work out every day. The 'at least three days' is so that if I miss a day because I feel sick or don't have time, I won't beat myself up.

1. Take vitamins/probiotic daily
2. Exercise at least three days a week
3. Craft at least once a week
4. Journal daily
5. Read every day (from a book, not a blog/the internet)
6. Reduce sugar intake
7. Reduce processed food intake
8. Limit time spent online
9. Put at least $10 from every paycheck in savings
10. Drink more water
11. ???
12. ???

Digital Day Off

Since I’m doing the first Sunday of every month, I have yet to take my day off. I’m looking forward to keeping my computer shut and fully enjoying Super Bowl Sunday away from the internet. More on that next week!

A Goal A Month

Last month, I vowed to finally go to the dentist… and I did! After putting it off for three years and actively ignoring it all throughout last year, I was so glad I did it. For this month, my goal is to not spend any money on things I don’t need. There are a handful of things I need to spend money on, but I know what those obligations are and I’m not spending anything outside of that. This means no fast food, no Dunkin Donuts, and no spur-of-the-moment purchases at Target (even if it’s at the Dollar Spot). My bank accounts will thank me later, for sure.

What goals are you setting for February?