Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap.

My Christmas was chaotic, but wonderful in every way.

The festivities began with a family party at my house on Saturday afternoon. It was quiet and relaxed, which is preferable because the following day is usually buzzing with excitement. We sat around chatting, taking pictures, and preparing a yummy dinner including – my favorite – kielbasa.

Dessert followed up dinner and included my favorite sprinkle cookies from the bakery in my parents’ hometown, where my aunt and grandparents still live. At that point the rest of the family – my uncle and his family – joined us with three more plates of dessert, including my aunt’s famous cream puffs. Holy sugar overload, batman.

Despite planning to leave for Erik’s house by 7pm, I didn’t pull out of the driveway until 9pm. The drive flew by and the next thing I knew, I was reunited with my love after more than a week apart (which sounds like nothing, but when you normally see one another twice a week, that’s a long time). Once I settled in, we exchanged gifts, cuddled while watching TV, and then fell asleep.

Morning came quickly and I was very excited to wake up, as evidenced by the fact that I was up at 9:30 and had to wait (almost like a little kid) until Erik decided to get out of bed at 10:30. Everyone had a delicious breakfast; I had cereal because I can’t eat a lot in the morning. Then we settled around the tree and I played Santa and handed out gifts. After that I was on my way out the door and heading home to quickly shower, get ready, and put together a brownie trifle for our second family party. It took longer than I expected – I’d taken a half-hour head start from Erik and when he arrived, I was still not dressed – but luckily my hair and makeup don’t take long.

 Seventeen people for dinner = one long table & disposable plates.

We arrived at my aunt’s house with plenty of time until dinner. I had time to breathe as I helped with dinner preparations and then we all sat down to another delicious meal. Then it was time for pictures and gifts!

Me and Lynds. Best friends!

Erik and I, yay!

All of the 'kids' - me and my cousins, along with Erik and family friend, Brian.
The rest of the evening was spent catching up with family members and noshing on a huge variety of desserts. We – Erik, me, and my brother – ended up staying last and having a three-hour chat with my aunt and cousins over various family issues. It was exhausting and a bit emotionally draining; when we arrived home, I was in a poor mood and thankfully Erik was here to comfort me.

It was such a fabulous weekend. I saw almost all of my family, got to spend time with Erik’s family, and spent the entirety of Christmas Day with Erik. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.