Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Haul.

While I finish up the recap of my fabulous Christmas weekend, today I'll be sharing a few pictures of all the goodies I got this year! To me, showing off my gifts is proof that I was excited and grateful to receive them. It’s like a great big thank-you note!

My very first gift was from Melissa a week ago – a pretty necklace that came in a cute little box. (She also brought cookies for my family, which were super delish.)

Since I missed out on my family’s Christmas Eve gift exchange, my next set of gifts were from Erik, and he did a good job shopping for me. I got a Rangers sweatshirt to wear to the game we’re attending in January(!), a pair of earrings I was lusting after, and a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.

My favorite part? The tie in the front is criss-crossed like hockey jerseys are.
I'm not lying to you when I tell you these match my eyes exactly. Love them.

Christmas morning was spent with Erik’s family, which meant swapping with Natalie. She knows me so well – I got sour gummy worms and a Starbucks gift card. Now I can buy lattes guilt-free! Plus, I was super surprised to find a gift from his family under the tree for me, containing a perfume set.

In between the morning’s celebrations and my family party, I unwrapped my gifts from my parents on my own (they were already out at the party). I did pretty well – an Erin Condren planner; the same earrings Erik got me (I did not expect my mother to buy them for me); a scarf; feather earrings; a calendar; the last two Harry Potter DVDs; and a buttload of candy.

My new scarf & earrings.

At my aunt’s house, I’m pretty sure I freaked out at every gift I received. My cousin Clancy made DVDs of all the footage she’s video taped at our family gatherings* and also got me cute knee socks, candy and nail polish. Lynds got me Hello Kitty pajamas and a necklace, about which I was the most excited. My aunt gifted me a satchel-type purse, which I really wanted because sometimes lugging around my big purse is too much.


I can’t help but get excited about receiving gifts, but I was also just as excited to watch everyone open the gifts I got for them. It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

What was your favorite gift from Christmas? What was the best gift you gave this year?

* Clancy is the younger sister of my cousin who was in the Navy and lived in California. She would carry a video camera around to record all of our family gatherings and send them off to him. I asked her a few times if we could get copies and she was finally able to get them on DVDs!