Monday, December 12, 2011

Belated November Recap & December Goals.

November. Let’s start from the end and work our way back, shall we?

The final week of my November was cah-razy. It started when my cousin, who drove across the country from California, arrived at our doorstep at 10:30 Thanksgiving morning (when company wasn’t expected until 2). It ended with me curled up in bed for two days dealing with and recovering from a stomach bug. In between was a myriad of poor choices – copious drinking two days in a row, driving to Erik’s despite being exhausted, going shopping and subjecting my low immune system to the germs of hundreds of strangers – all which culminated in my illness.

Aside from all of that, however, November was good to me. I attended a belated Halloween party and saw the gorgeous house that my friends recently bought and revamped. We celebrated Natalie’s birthday with a small shindig at her fiancé’s house and I embraced my love for Christmas.

Let’s see how my goals fared this month.

Get healthy. This is continuously at a stand-still. I always end up being ‘too busy’ to deal with it.

Work on my anxiety. I dealt pretty well with the surprise arrival of my cousin on Thanksgiving, so I get props for that.

Live in the moment. I’m getting better at it as each month goes by, but still not perfect.

Stay in touch. Not good at all. I had a weird mood swing in the middle of the month and decided that I was done playing secretary with all of my friends, so I didn’t contact anyone.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. No specific examples, but I think I’m doing at a good job with this one.

My goals for the rest of the year:
•    eat fewer processed foods and less sugar – no
•    exercise daily (or at least make an attempt) – no
•    find time for myself every day – not really
•    go with my gut and don't do things for others unless those things are also going to make me happy – yes
•    go to the dentist (which I have been avoiding all. year. long. That's just depressing.)  - still no, but I’m –thisclose- to calling

I have this tendency to throw in the towel for December because there is simply too much going on, which I predict will happen again. At the very least, I'll be trying my hardest to meet my goals of eating healthy and exercising so that I don't crash and burn after the holidays are over.

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