Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wine and Love [Vol. 12].

 hosted by Nora!

Filling my wine glass...
  • The anxiety that accompanied this weekend's snowstorm. I was up in northwest New Jersey visiting Erik and his family because we were scheduled to go to a party Saturday night. Instead, we got snowed in with no power, no heat, no water, not much in the way of food, and no way to leave. It wasn't horrible, but I panic easily, especially when I feel trapped. I thankfully have emergency-use-only anxiety medication that I took to calm me down. Still, when we went to bed and it was pitch black, I legitimately got scared/upset... and again when I woke up randomly at 3am and recalled where I was and what the situation was.
  • Traffic. I got stuck in traffic on the way to and from work yesterday. What a pain.
  • While killing time on Saturday with Erik and his family, I semi-tipsily (we were drinking to stay warm) laid out my ideal engagement/marriage/having kids timeline. The problem is that the way I presented and explained it sounded very definitive - and also very soon - and Erik and I haven't discussed this at all. I just hope I didn't make him feel uncomfortable or pressured (or completely freaked out, considering we've been dating for less than a year).
Filling my heart...
  • As much as I stressed about being "stranded" at Erik's house, I had a really nice time with him, Natalie, and their mom. (Their dad was in Florida visiting family.) After we came in from an attempt to clear the driveway, we bundled up together and played 500 Rummy. It lasted most of the evening - with plenty of interruptions for more blankets, more candles, and when we heard tree branches crashing - and was a great bonding experience.
  • #twookclub! After chatting about Harry Potter all summer, Stephany decided we needed a year-round Twitter-based book club. All it took was a bit of organization and #twookclub was born! This month we're reading The Scent of Rain and Lightning - if you'd like to join us, we have a group on Goodreads that explains all of the details.
  • Christmas commercials. I'm sorry, I have no shame - I am a huge, huge fan of the holiday season. The snowstorm triggered all of my sparkly Christmas-y urges, so I'm gladly welcoming everything a little bit earlier this year.
  • Erik was super awesome about calming me down on Saturday, particularly when we went to bed and it was way too dark for my liking. He massaged and scratched my back (my favorite) so that I would relax and fall asleep. It totally worked.