Monday, October 3, 2011

So Long, September.

September. I bet you can’t guess what the highlight of my month was. (That’s sarcasm, because I’ll actually bet that you already did.) If you guessed my best friend’s wedding… you’re right!

The first week of September was the busiest and filled with pre-wedding and wedding goodness. There was the bachelorette party in NYC, last-minute trips to Danielle’s house to help with prep, the rehearsal dinner, and of course, wedding day itself.

The best part of it all, which I failed to mention in my recap of the day, was seeing my best friend and her new husband look so incredibly happy together. Watching them walk around the reception hand-in-hand with huge smiles on their faces warmed my heart so much. And every time I stole a glance at them dancing during the slow songs, they seemed in a world of their own. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

(I will say, however, that I’m missing the bridal party terribly. It was fun to bond with them and it feels weird not to see or talk to them constantly about wedding preparations.)

The rest of the month was pretty quite after all of that. I wanted it that way; I knew the week of the wedding would stress me out (because what doesn’t stress me out?), so I didn’t want a calendar full of plans.

The following weekend was MusicFest, which was thoroughly disappointing after last year. But I spent the entire weekend with E, which was really nice. Other than that, there were very few social outings – mostly, I just hung out with E and his friends from school, including a movie date with his roommate’s girlfriend.

What passed the time for the rest of this month? Working, doing chores around the house, and watching all the fall premieres on TV. Aside from the first uber-busy week, it was a quiet month. After being sick for the last few days, I’m ready to start filling my calendar up again.