Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Bash.

Hello and happy Friday!

My mind's been all over the place this week, which is why this little space has been quiet. I do, however, want to share with you a few pictures from E's birthday bash last weekend! It ended up being a smaller crowd - mostly his group of friends, since mine couldn't attend (though I did have a lovely dinner with Katie before the party began).

I was grateful for the smaller crowd and also that a few of the guests weren't super into drinking; it lessened the potential for someone to get crazy drunk, sick, or a combination of the two. Still, it was an incredibly fun and relatively crazy party. There was lots of laughter and lighthearted competition. The party started at 8pm and went until around 4am, so you can imagine the state that most of us were in by then.

But enough chatter - onto the pictures!

 The two pictures with E are from the very end of the night, when he kept drunkenly insisting that I kiss him while the picture was taken. I protested; we compromised. The middle picture is of the girls - E's roommate's girlfriend, me, and E's hometown friend's girlfriend.

We were playing Kings, and for those who've never played, just know that someone draws a card every turn and then has to slip it under the tab of a beer - whoever pops the tab has to drink it. E taunted me (and everyone else) the whole game, yet popped the tab all three times. In that last photo, we're laughing hysterically at something E did, though I can't specifically remember what.

And then he got a cupcake to the face, as is appropriate.

His birthday actually isn't until Sunday, so I'm taking him on a semi-fancy dinner date Saturday night. This was supposed to be in lieu of gifts, but I picked up a few gifts for him as well (that he already received, because I'm an impatient gift-giver).

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!