Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wine and Love [Vol. 7].

...hosted by Nora!

Filling up my wine glass...

  • Hurricane Irene. We were actually really fortunate because we had pretty much no damage or flooding. The worst was that our basement flooded very slightly around the perimeter and we lost internet/cable for most of the day on Sunday. But it just threw a wrench in all of my plans and was extremely tiring, because we expected, worried about, and prepared for much worse.

  • When I babysat in high school, my primary client was a family with three kids who live down the street. Since they were also my neighbors, I hung out with them all the time, both before and during my time as their babysitter. The oldest one graduated high school in June and went to boot camp recently, and his sister just put up on Facebook that he's having a really tough time (the upperclassmen apparently chose him as one of their targets to pick on the most). It just breaks my heart because they're like my babies - I still remember him being my partner in helping corral his younger brother and sister and it hurts me to know that he's struggling.

  • I have made pretty much zero progress on getting back to a healthy schedule. I mean, I've scaled back my wake-up time to before noon (yeah, that's how bad it was), but my eating is still way off and I haven't been feeling any better. From here on out, my only plans are for this weekend - the bachelorette party and some quiet time down the shore with Ash - and I'm really putting myself on a strict schedule and diet.
Filling up my heart...
  • On Friday, during my visit to see E, we hung out with his friends and played drinking games all night. I'm usually not so great because I never drank in high school or college, but I was doing pretty well and holding my own. It's a silly thing to be proud about, but I am.

  • Yesterday I went to the library after not having visited in such a long time. As I walked out with my books and put them in the backseat of my car, I was overcome with nostalgia about summers past. When I was a kid, they had reading challenges at the library so I would go every week, leaving with an armful of books into the humid summer air and piling into my mom's car.

  • E moved back into school on Tuesday! We took immediate advantage - I headed over there after work to meet his friends and hang out in a dorm room (memories!), then he came home with me and slept over my place. These next few months are going to be amazing.

  • Last week I picked up my bridesmaid dress for BFF Wedding #1! I can't believe how close we're getting... it's only eight days away. I can't deal.

  • The weather post-Irene has been gorgeous here. I've been laying out every day for a little while in the hopes I'll pick up some color so that I don't look like a ghost at the wedding. And surprisingly, it's actually been working!