Friday, September 2, 2011

Adieu, August.

August was a wonderful month. It went by in a flash – as every month tends to do – but it was fantastic.

My month was filled to the brim with so many things. I indulged in my obsessions with Ashley, going to see the 3-D Glee movie, watching the SYTYCD finale, and planning to take a trip down to her shore house for the upcoming holiday weekend. I participated in VEDA, recording and watching tons of videos and making some new internet BFFs.

Strangely, this month contained a lot of drinking. First it was #winetoreach with some VEDA folks, then a crazy girls’ night in with Lyndsay, and finally an evening of playing drinking games with E and his friends.

E and I actually went on a real “date” this month – normally we just hang out at each others’ houses or with friends. But one week, we decided to go play miniature golf and made a deal that the loser had to buy dinner (I won and ordered the yummiest cosmo ever to celebrate). The rest of our weekends together were really great too, as usual.

Other notable things: I finally painted my ceiling and started redecorating my bedroom; I attended Bella’s sixth birthday party; I ordered tickets for the SYTYCD tour in October; I went to a Ke$ha concert and had a blast (while getting soaked by the rain); I got in my first real fight with E; I had lunch with Mark and heard about his trip to Palau; I made Oreo cupcakes with Melissa; and, I survived Hurricane Irene.

It was a busy thirty-one days and I can hardly believe that one of my best friends will be married a week from today (!!!), but I’m ready for the fall and looking forward to how the rest of my year will play out.