Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wedding.

Because I know it will be forever until the professional photos come in, I'm sharing some pictures from Friday's wedding that I "borrowed" from everyone else who remembered to take their cameras out. But first, a quick recap.

After a week of rain and an overcast morning, the sky cleared and the sun started shining around 10am Friday morning. It was surprising to me because I was so busy getting ready that I didn't notice until I went to pack up my car. I ended up doing my hair, makeup and nails all on my own because it was easier, cheaper, and less stressful. They all came out close to my perfectionist standards, so I was happy.

At Danielle's house, it was pretty quiet and calm. I don't know why I'd expected chaos, but it was the complete opposite. We watched cartoons, snacked, and got ready in plenty of time, then packed into the limo. It was a short ride and I hopped out first to check my phone (which was in the trunk of the limo) to see if E had picked up the marriage license in time; he had and was on his way, but we ended up starting without him because the priest said it was alright.

The ceremony was beautiful. I cried as soon as the bridal chorus queued up, before I even saw her come down the aisle. That was the most emotional part, though I did tear up at all the expected moments (rings, vows, the kiss). After a few family pictures, we headed over to the reception hall.

The place where it was held was amazing. The staff was incredibly attentive - they came out with a tray of ice-cold bottled water for everyone, which I desperately needed - and it was just beautiful. Our bridal suite was kick-ass, with a variety of drinks, hot and cold food, and snacks like candy bars and bags of chips. All the girls kicked off our shoes and relaxed on the sofas until cocktail hour began.

Danielle and her husband (whoa, that's going to take some getting used to) decided to mingle during cocktail hour, so Natalie and I were able to hang out with our dates as well as Melissa and her fiance. The spread was unbelievable - a mashed potato bar, a crab cake station, two carving stations, two hot food stations, and a table with all the cold food you could want. I wasn't particularly hungry, so I mooched off of whatever E put on his plate and sipped at a Cosmo.

Soon enough we were called back to the bridal suite to prepare for our entrance and the start of the reception itself. Our entrance was down a flight of stairs and then we all lined up to form an arch for the newly-wedded couple. After that, it was party time. The table where Natalie and I were seated ended up being right next to the band, so they kept pulling us on the dance floor.

That middle photo is of the flower girl and the maid of honor. Our FG did such a great job and was so fun to be with throughout the day, because she was so excited. Also, our MOH was brilliant, especially for wearing brown loafer slippers at the reception.

The band, the food, and the ambiance of the room was absolute perfection. I cried again during their first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the speeches. My favorite part of the night, aside from all the wedding-related stuff, was getting to dance with E. Prior to this, I'd only ever slow-danced with awkward prom dates; it made me all swoony to dance with someone I actually care about and love. It was clear that everyone was having a fantastic time and I was so happy it went so well. Before long, though, it was time for the party to end.

I had such an incredible time and actually, my anxiety was only a pain in the butt during the drive to the reception. I decided to skip the limo because it was going to be a half-hour drive with about fifteen people squished in, so I had E drive me to the reception hall. (I should also mention that E was such a sweetheart the whole time - he picked up the marriage license, happily drove me to the hall, made sure I was feeling better when he saw me at cocktail hour, and saved all the paper goods from the wedding.)

It still feels surreal, like they're not actually married, but I know it will sink in eventually. I'm just glad that they had a pretty flawless day from start to finish, and that I got to share it with them.