Wednesday, September 14, 2011

These Are My Confessions.

This whole blogging-every-day thing is really tough, you guys. I don't like today's suggested topic and I'm totally stumped. Time for some random confessions.
  1. I am totally impatient when it comes to people posting pictures after an event. During Friday's festivities, the MOH and our junior bridesmaid were snapping pictures all day and night, and I'm dying for them to get posted. I already have to suffer through the wait for the professional photos, I want something.
  2. E left an extra set of clothes here (for when he forgets to bring some, which has happened a handful of times) and I have been shamelessly sleeping with his shirt because it smells like him. Is that weird? I don't really care if it is, because I'm going to keep doing it.
  3. I am slowly running out of money. It's not pretty. And it's embarrassing, because my grandparents gave me a significant amount of money to put towards Danielle's wedding (for the dress, shoes, gifts, etc.)... and I spent all of that money, even though half of it wasn't wedding-related. It makes me feel awful.
  4. Occasionally, when I don't hear from people for a long time, I imagine they're planning a surprise for me and that's why they haven't been in touch. But then I remember they're probably just super busy. Still, it's fun to pretend sometimes!
  5. My job search has to start up again soon (especially with my dwindling bank account), and even though I know it's a necessity for me now - both for monetary and health/anxiety reasons - to get a job that isn't prestigious, I still feel like a supreme disappointment to everyone. I grew up being the honors student, the prized daughter and first grandchild who was destined for and capable of being something amazing, like a doctor or teacher... and I'm going to end up with a mundane desk job. That's really why the job search takes so much out of me; I feel like a huge failure.