Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Photo Challenge: Week 11 + #BEDS.

hosted by Stopping for Daisies!

Confession: this picture wasn't taken this week. I was just so busy hanging out with E and getting ready for Saturday's bachelorette party that I completely ran out of time. Our challenge was bokeh, so I found the best example I could find that was still relatively summer-like - this picture is from spring of 2010.

make a wish.

Also, after a successful month participating in VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August), I'm following up with BEDS (Blog Every Day in September). I heard about it from Katherine, one of the new friends I met through VEDA, though from what I gather it was originally suggested by Christa.

Anyway, there are a list of prompts, but they will only be for days when I don't have something else about which to blog. Basically, I won't be double posting - one for the prompt, one for a separate topic - at any point. And yes, I realize I already missed a day (yesterday) but I don't plan on missing any other days.

Let #BEDS begin!