Monday, September 5, 2011



September is going to be lovely. It's bringing the wedding of one of my closest friends this Friday, which means that this month will be forever memorable. It's bringing the annual free music festival to our neighboring county. It's bringing back all things pumpkin-flavored (including the PSL from Starbucks!), cooler weather, cardigans, job-searching, and plenty of time with my friends and boyfriend.

But first, let's check in on those monthly goals and make some new ones for the month.

Get healthy. Not really. I should've been, but wasn't. The only healthy habit I picked up was taking bike rides in the evening now that the weather is cooler.

Work on my anxiety. Yes, little by little. In general, I've felt less anxious about life, which I guess is a sign of improvement.

Live in the moment. Yes.

Stay in touch. Really good! I saw or talked to all of my close friends this month - I was actually pretty social in August. Still, I want to improve more on sending e-mails, letters, or having random text conversations.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. Yup.

Goals for August: complete VEDA (I only missed one day); catch up on journaling; try the emotional mushy mush talk again with E; really and truly work on my health/schedule; go to the dentist; get a hair cut.

Oops, those didn't go so well. I never found time for the sappy discussion with E (though I tried on several occasions and chickened out), I didn't stick to the healthy schedule I set out for myself, and I still haven't been to the dentist. Yikes.

Goals for September: find a job (or at least put a lot of effort into finding one); go to the dentist; try to be as anxiety-free as possible for my friend's wedding; visit Lyndsay at my alma mater; finish decorating my room.