Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Goals.


In recent years, I've discovered how much I cherish autumn. Sure, summer is fun and filled with barbecues, flip flops, beach trips and warm days, but it's a time to be laid-back. When fall arrives, it feels like a fresh start to me (probably because it's when school starts) and is a time for goal-setting.

Just as I listed a few goals for the sunny summer months, I'm setting a couple more for this season.

Journal every day in October. Considering my month-long quests to do one particular thing every day (vlogging in August, blogging in September) have been pretty successful, I decided to take it offline and journal once a day in October. I have Joy Juice journal prompts in my inbox begging to be written, and while I often get overwhelmed and therefore ignore them because there are so many, responding to one per day is definitely something I can do.

Go with my gut. Inspired by the two most recent Molly Mahar videos/newsletters and my boyfriend's encouragement, I am going to attempt to abandon my tendency to over-think and simply make decisions. I'm an indecisive person and, because of my need to people-please, I utter the phrase 'I don't know' or 'I don't care' way more often than I should. So for the next few months, if I have a preference, I'm going to say so; when there's a decision to be made, I'm picking what I truly want and not what my brain tricks me into thinking is the 'smarter' choice. This challenge is in place for the remainder of the year, but I hope it becomes a habit after that.

That's it, really, since I have my year-long goals and monthly intentions. There might be a daily November challenge if I can think of something worth doing every day again, but we'll see.